I’m Nick Rowan, a curious and fastidious freelance writer based in Spain. I have lived all around the world, from Tokyo to Edinburgh, and am always looking for unique stories to tell.

Due to my background as a woodworker, I began to learn more about different types of wood and the trees from which they come. I started to see the world through a new lens, with a new-found appreciation for the everyday trees that I previously walked past without a second glance.

The Treeographer is my attempt to bring my enthusiasm for trees to others – not by evoking guilt or pity, but rather by celebrating the interlacing history of man and tree. I may focus on a single organism, an entire forest, or even just a concept of a tree that holds significance.

I hope you enjoy these short histories, and encourage you to join in the discussion. If you want to suggest a tree, shoot me a message in the Contact section. I also run another site called Tiny Workshops, where I interview other creatives working in small workspaces and write guides for beginners.