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Acebuche de el rocio
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Acebuches de El Rocio – Much more than ‘just’ wild olive trees

Tucked away just outside of Doñana Natural Park in Huelva, Spain, a small grove of wild olive trees has survived for centuries, even as the landscape around it underwent radical transformation. The Acebuches de El Rocio are a group of 15 ancient wild olive trees located in Plaza Acebuchal in the village of El Rocio. Wild olive trees (acebuches in Spanish) are native to the Iberian Peninsula, and despite their humble reputation, they are much more than just uncultivated olives.

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The Pinsapos of Sierra Bermeja – A Refuge for the Rare Fir Trees

Pinsapos, or Spanish Fir trees, are exceptionally rare. They are found in just a few mountain ranges in Andalusia and Morocco, with one of the largest pinsapo forests located in the volcanic soil of Sierra Bermeja. It was here that the trees were first introduced to the world of science in 1837, and today it remains one of the best places to visit these spectacular trees.

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The Oldest Tree in Paris – The Robinia Tree of Square René Viviani

Widely renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris has a lot going for it. A complete redesign of the city in the 19th century gave the ‘city of light’ its trademark wide avenues, with ample urban foliage to shade Parisians and tourists alike. However, the robinia tree of Square René Viviani predates all of this, linking all the way back to the colonial age. Read More

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The Oldest Cherry Blossom Tree in Japan – Jindai-zakura

Japanese cherry blossom trees are famous worldwide, and each year around April hundreds of thousands of people flock to the nearest sakura to experience their annual blossoming. They are iconic in their native island of Japan, and the oldest example can be found in Yamanashi prefecture. It’s called Jindai-zakura, or ‘The Cherry Blossom from the Age of the Gods’. Read More

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The Unfortunate End of the World’s Loneliest Tree – The Tree of Ténéré

The desert is by no means a hospitable place, especially if you don’t have the ability to seek shelter from the unrelenting heat of the sun. But a single tree managed to survive the arid wasteland for several hundred years. What it couldn’t survive, however, was a careless truck driver who somehow managed to hit the only obstacle in a 800 km (500 mile) stretch of wasteland. Read More