The oldest living thing in the world – The Pando aspen tree colony

Trees are known for their longevity, and there are countless examples of trees living to 1000 years and beyond. At this age they can grow to cover acres of land, but in Southern Utah, USA, the Pando aspen tree colony breaks all records. Continue reading “The oldest living thing in the world – The Pando aspen tree colony”

The Not-So-Puzzling History of the Monkey Puzzle Tree

Whether called the Chilean Pine, Monkey Puzzle, or Pehuen, the araucaria araucana is certainly a peculiar tree. Chile’s national tree is originally from high in the mountains of Patagonia, but thanks to a strange twist of fate, it’s now common in Victorian gardens throughout the UK. Read full story

Postcard Post: The Yew of Aginalde

This is the first of a new series of posts at The Treeographer: the Postcard Post! I’ll write a short description of a tree and its surroundings, and at the end there is a FREE download of a ready to print postcard. Read full story

The Bennett Juniper – America’s Oldest Juniper Tree

As the snow begins to fall, the Sierra Nevada mountains of California become extremely inhospitable. Once covered in glacial ice during the ice age, the soil in many areas is poor, and even the hardiest of plants struggle to survive. Fortunately, one of the world’s most common woody plants is well adapted to these conditions, and one tree has far outgrown all of its peers – The Bennett Juniper. Read full story

The Lord of the Forest – Tane Mahuta

Even before becoming the home of the Lord of the Rings, New Zealand was known around the world as a natural paradise. Due to its remote location, it was one of the last places where humans set foot, allowing it to develop a rich and distinct biodiversity. In the Northland region of the main island, an ancient kauri forest is home to the oldest examples of the native species. Read full story

The Holy Chestnut Tree of Istan

As fall begins in Malaga, Spain, the smell of roasted sweet chestnuts fills the pedestrian streets of the city center. Chestnut trees were brought to Spain by the Romans thousands of years ago, and now grow all over the Iberian peninsula. In the mountains above the small town of Istan, the ‘Holy Chestnut’ has grown for a thousand years. Read full story

Thimmamma Marrimanu – The World’s Biggest Tree

About 25 kilometers from the Indian city of Kadiri, a single tree has grown to be the size of a forest. Thimmamma Marrimanu is a banyan tree, and its enormous canopy was awarded the Guinness world record for ‘Largest Tree’ in 1989. Read full story