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The European Tree of the Year 2018 Competition Nearly Over – Current Standings

This week the 8th annual European Tree of the Year will come to a close, but there’s still time to vote! To add to the suspense, the vote tallies are hidden for the last week of voting, but here are the standings from just before they were hidden. 

The final results will be announced on March 21st, but the last day of voting is the February 28th. You can read about all of the candidates here, or just get right to voting on the official website.

It’s still close, but here are the standings:

1.) Portugal – Whistler Cork Oak Tree (read the full article)
2.) Russia – The Elder of the Belgorod Forests
3.) Spain – Ancient Elms of Cabeza Buey
4.) Hungary – Zengovarkony’s Survivor – The Sweet Chestnut
5.) UK – The Gilwell Oak
6.) Slovakia – Apple Tree from Bosaca
7.) Lithuania – Witches Spruce
8.) Romania – Oak from Cajvana
9.) Poland – Poplar Helena
10.) Bulgaria – Sequoias from Yuchbunar
11.) Czech Republic – Walnut Tree in Kvasice
12.) Croatia – The Massive Plane Tree – The Symbol of Trsteno
13.) Belgium – The Lime of the Old Country




      • Well, I don’t live in any of those places, and I did not want to vote for the Gilwell Oak because the British are so pompous in regard to arboriculture (even though they all want to come here for their internships).

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