The oldest living thing in the world – The Pando aspen tree colony

Trees are known for their longevity, and there are countless examples of trees living to 1000 years and beyond. At this age they can grow to cover acres of land, but in Southern Utah, USA, the Pando aspen tree colony breaks all records. Continue reading “The oldest living thing in the world – The Pando aspen tree colony”

The Bennett Juniper – America’s Oldest Juniper Tree

As the snow begins to fall, the Sierra Nevada mountains of California become extremely inhospitable. Once covered in glacial ice during the ice age, the soil in many areas is poor, and even the hardiest of plants struggle to survive. Fortunately, one of the world’s most common woody plants is well adapted to these conditions, and one tree has far outgrown all of its peers – The Bennett Juniper. Read full story

The Oaks of Galveston

Galveston, Texas is known for beautiful scenery and historical buildings, and widely praised as a paradise getaway. A small island with just 50,000 permanent residents, the city brings in millions of tourists every year. Walking along its streets, visitor’s attention is drawn to the diverse flora that thrives in its subtropical climate. Although not native to the island, oak trees have become the signature tree of Galveston, both for their longevity and their toughness. These oaks have been through a lot of changes in their lifetimes, and are now halfway across the world being transformed into a living history museum. Read full story